@dna: I’ve had awful experiences with men in my music career: Lady Gaga
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Comment: Advertising scum !

Comment: Arab money the root of all evil ?

Comment: My favourite was Battle Zone. 10p could last me c15 minutes, while a friend played Space Invaders for much longer.

@star_pumpkin: Video warning of Asian grooming gangs was hardly due to racist fears 
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Comment: Lewd scum !

@MarkUrban01: How investigating the death of a Russian soldier got a BBC team beaten, their hard drives wiped & camera smashed via TweetCaster

Comment: Would UKIP bring in much stiffer US style sentencing if they had the power ? The other parties do nothing. If all could vote for hanging for premeditated murder and life for this sort of crime, we could shake up moribund out-of-touch Westminster.

As for primaries to choose the candidate for a party of choice….Westminster won’t let us have that democratic choice.

Comment: Zoos, animal parks and the rest should be strictly licensed and the licence cost financing the inspection authority.